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Thursday, November 1, 2007

When to Write a Press Release – for Small Businesses

Knowing when to write and distribute a press release is important. Not every event in the life of your business is important enough for a press release. As a small business, exposure to your key audience for branding purposes can be key to the growth of your business. Identifying and timing your news is a good strategy.

Here are some reasons to distribute good news to your local media:

  • You or your company have been honored (i.e. recognition from local government, “blank” of the year award etc.)
  • Business Relocation
  • - Hiring of a senior level employee (new vice president or human resources director.)
  • New service offering (for example – your home cleaning business is now provide office cleaning services.)
  • Business expansion (i.e. new location in another city)

    Those are just some of the really great reasons to write a press release. Press releases should cover the basics: Who, What, When , Where, Why and How. Press releases begin with a headline, dateline and opening paragraph. Here is an example:


    For Immediate Release

    Somerset, NJ – (November 5, 2007) – TEXT HERE

    Next week: Learn how-to format the first paragraph of a press release.

    If you need assistance with your public relations and marketing initiatives contact a public relation adviser.

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