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Friday, November 9, 2007

Small Businesses: How-to Write a Press Release

So last week, you learned about “WHEN” to write a press release for a small business and how-to start one. Now we can cover how-to write and develop the meat of your press release.

When writing the first paragraph or “lede” paragraph you need to cover the most important aspects of the news:

  • Who is releasing the news – Name of company, website and what you are known for.
  • What the news is – This would be your new executive, product, service or recognition.
  • Why it is news – Example: if the news is a new executive why have they joined?
  • When it became news
  • A Strong closing paragraph – This should be a strong nugget of information about your company. Example: you may want to say something smart about your company like “Over the last year, JJP Services increased its net revenue by 40 percent leading to the need to hire more senior level staff to perpetuate company growth.”

    Remember that an editor/journalist needs to see the facts about your product or service, to understand the value of an event or other news announcement, and why they should consider writing about you.

    By following the guidelines in this article and others in this blog, you should be able to compose a proper release, which fits the criteria, which editors look for. This will give you the best chance of getting the “free publicity”, which only the print and electronic media services can provide.

    NEXT TIME: We will go over how-to write and develop secondary paragraphs for your small business press releases.

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