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Friday, July 6, 2012

Basic Business Communications is Fundamental #smallbiz #tips

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I have encountered several situations recently in which business failed to do the most basic of communications which is to tell customers important followup information.

I recently registered to attend an industry conference and I was able to use the same form for my hotel reservation. I received an email confirmation that included info about my conference registration, the cancellation policy and the hotel cancellation policy. There is was ZERO information in the email that confirmed my hotel reservation. A colleague had also registered and reserved the room at the same time and had the same concern.  I called the registration center and asked them to verify that my room had been secured. The agent check my registration and confirmed that my room was reserved and said that I would receive a confirmation for the room with in 7 business days.

My issue with this is that there would have been no need for me to call anyone if the email confirmation simply stated that the hotel reservation confirmation would be sent separately within 7 business days.

This is an example of what I call "basic communications." It is not groundbreaking to tell your customers what to expect and it typically doesn't take much effort to include an extra line or two in your  communications. When communicating to customers and clients you should do everything you can to cover your bases - period.

Another example of poor basic communications I recently received and email that I had not submitted an online application that I was sure that I had completed. I spent 35 minutes one evening trying to submit my information. I even used the "help" button which showed me a screen shot of a submit button on the very same page I had open without a submit button. The next day I called the office for help and they directed to send an email to the person in charge of the application. I sent the email requesting assistance in submitting my application or for support in finding the missing submit button.

I received a response back with in 20 minutes that stated that the individual was aware of that the submit button was not available on the application and that my application was fine and I didn't need to do anything else.

1. Why on earth did they send me an email stating they didn't have my application?
2. Why didn't think to send a follow-up basic email communication to let me and other users know that the "submit" capability was actually not available?

I wasted approximately an hour of my time for an issue that could have be settled with a basic email communication updating me to the circumstances.

Tip: Always communicate information necessary for customers/clients to know. If your system is glitchy let customers know immediately. If you plan to send them follow-up information - let them know when to expect. Do leave your audience guessing or confused - ever.

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Top Six #List #Inventions that Stand the Test of Time #smallbiz #business

Some great inventions and innovations have come and gone and others have made their permanent mark on our society. There are many budding inventors around the world hoping to produce the next big thing. The most successful inventors in our history are those that have patented products that have not been replaced by better innovations. Here is my top five inventions that have stood the test of time:

Zipper - Everyone has something in their closet or home with zipper. Can you imagine no zippers on your running jacket?

Shoe Lace -  You don't always need them but nothing other than velcro and the "slip on" has replaced. Still a useful invention.
Velcro - A genius invention that hasn't needed much improvement - in fact there are more uses for it than ever.
Electric Car - Studebaker's first cars in 1902 were electric cars. The next innovation was the gas powered car. Today electric cars whether hybrid or 100% electric are the sustainable solution to reducing the carbon imprint of driving.

 Hangers - You can deny that the almighty hanger has stood the test of time. Nothing has really replaced hangers on a wide scale. Sure you can by some Velvet Touch Hangers which I must say are quite amazing, however the basic premise is the same - it is a hanger with velvet. The hanger is the invention that keeps on giving.

Clocks - You won't find too many 11 In. Natural Cuckoo Clocks in people's home but you will find at least one mechanical or digital clock in most homes and offices.

Traffic Lights - There are many types but can you imagine roads without them? Probably not that is why they are a staple at most intersections.

Add to this list. Feel free to submit your idea for inventions that have stood the test of time via comments.

Recommended Reading:

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Friday, April 27, 2012

Top 5 Reasons to Call or Visit Your #Customers #smallbiz #lists #clients

250x300 logo on bottom and orange backgroundIt is easy to maintain a good open communication with your clients via email. But with limited "voice" contact in our daily lives when should you actually call your client or even setup an in-person meeting.

Here are your top five reasons to call or have an in-person meeting with your customers:

5. Your customer or client has been concerned about what you are actually doing for them.
4. Your contract is about to expire in 60 days and you need to find out if they intend on renewing.
3. Your client recently had a bad experience interfacing with one of your employees
2.  Your replied to your client's email, but they sent you an email wondering why you haven't replied back to their first email

and the #1 reason to call or have an in-person meeting with your customers is...

1 # The person who signed your contract is no longer with your client's company 

Do these sound obvious? Well you would be surprised. Here is an example of #2: I recently sent a complaint email to a company that I hired to do work for me that I needed feedback on an email that I had sent and I was wondering why I had not gotten a response from them. Another 24 hours went by with no response to my second email and so I called my vendor. Turns out they had responded to my first and second email and didn't consider the fact that I probably was not receiving their emails (duh?). So if I didn't call them they probably wouldn't have continued to respond to my emails vs. trying to find out why I wasn't receiving their responses. The issue? A word in the subject line was blocking my servers from delivering their emails.

Bottom-line: My vendor should have picked up the phone to call me after learning I had not received their first email, even if it was only to see if I had checked my spam folder (the emails were not in spam).

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

#ebook:New eBook: How to Master Facebook Marketing in 10 Days" #facebook #marketing

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

OfficeLive Users: The Cheap Easy Solution to Replace OfficeLive Site #smallbiz

Make your business website stand out with YolaOn January 31, 2012, Microsoft announced that it will discontinue the OfficeLive free website hosting and storage service. There are a lot of the website builders out there Word Press and Yola make it incredibly fast and easy to replace your OfficeLive website.  You can buy a domain name from and be up and running in a few days. The folks at office live have also made it way easier to transition your domains to another provider. I use and they make it pretty easy to transfer a domain to them. I personally  have two sites in OfficeLive ( and and now I have to migrate them to another content management system. I recommend all current OfficeLive users to migrate their sites to I have been a Yola Silver customer for almost three years I have over seven websites in Yola and I must tell you it is far better than OfficeLive and way easier to use!

Top Benefits of Migrating to Yola from OfficeLive:

- Easy user interface                 - Html and Text WYSIWYG widgets  - Google Adsense integration
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This is the actual Yola user interface. As you can see it is easier to use and there is more options to enhance pages.
Download the PDF of the above image: Click Here 

Although Yola is free for up to 5 websites with free hosting and limited file storage you are much better off buying the Yola Silver Package if you plan to launch more than one website. With the silver package you can build 25 websites, plus receive a free custom domain, 5 GB of storage, premium phone and email support, unlimited premium templates (which are usually way more customizable headers and site backgrounds) Plus, Get FREE advertising credits worth $100 with every Yola Silver purchase. Limited offer, sign up now!

Here are some of my websites in Yola today check them out: (using premium template in Silver Package) (free template)

One more thing: There is a downside to web-based website builders with free hosting - all sites are on the same servers so you suffer the consequences when there is server outage. But if your website is not mission critical to your business, then if you lose some up time it won't make that much of a difference.  Check out the service providers to find out what type of security is used on the servers.

It helps to know something about html. Here is some recommended Do-It-Yourself Website Reading:

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Good luck folks!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Hey Post Office: Shelve Rules and Make Cash #news

I walked into a U.S. Post Office (USPS) the other day with intent to pay more than the cost of postage. I wanted to send my legal size envelope filled with about 10 pages with a delivery confirmation. You would think that if a customer wanted delivery confirmation they could pay simply for it right?  WRONG!

#1 in Identity Theft ProtectionTurns out although I had a large envelope that it was not "thick" enough for a delivery confirmation. I was told I had to send my envelope priority mail to take advantage of delivery confirmation. I didn't want to spend that much - period.

But here is the bigger issue: if the post office is struggling to stay relevant in modern times when fewer people are snail mailing and more are making online payments does it make sense to turn down money people are willing to spend?

I posed that very question to the clerk at the post office and her response was "Well if we allowed delivery confirmation on any size envelope the postal carrier would be spending so much time scanning at each location it would take him a very long time."  Have I stepped back in time? Is it 1989 again?  Ok really? Isn't the issue that the postal carriers have less mail to deliver? Hasn't the USPS been cutting back on hours, closing locations and laying off employees because of the lack of volume?

It seems that rules in place from 20 years ago are based on the balance sheet from 20 years ago. It is time for the USPS to take a good long hard look at why they are still doing things today to determine if it makes since for the actual mail volume of today.

Something tells me that if the US Post Office suddenly lifted the archaic thickness rule for delivery confirmation that millions of people would NOT flock to their nearest post office leading to an overload of letter deliveries. I guarantee that people will still choose online transactions as they do today, but when they absolutely needed to snail mail and confirm a letter they would do so.  

I can't think of any reason behind maintaining a silly rule that prevents a business from making money. If people are opening their wallets to spend any extra money on their mail why on Earth would you prevent them from doing so.

So U.S. Post Office -  for crying out loud lift the ancient thickness rule for delivery confirmation and start making money off of people willing to spend it.

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Top 3 CFO and Accounting Resources to Jump Start 2012

Bean Counter to Business Leader: The Changing Role of the CFO"
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  • Ensuring financial goals and business goals are linked—and attained
  • Being a watchdog and vocal supporter of projects that support regulatory compliance (IFRS) and technology investment (XBRL)
  • Empowering the organization: ensuring decisions can be made at the right levels
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 "Best Practices in SOX Compliance"
It is mandatory for public companies across the US to comply with the provisions of the SOX Act.
Organizations may face financial penalties as well as reputational hassles in case of failure to comply, which can, in turn, lead to inefficient processes and controls within non-complying organizations. Experts believe that investors' confidence in organizations can be shaken owing to lack of accountability, reliability, and accuracy in corporate disclosure

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Friday, December 23, 2011

2012 Small Biz Jumpstart: Learn to Maximize Social Media

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How to Monitor Social Media in 10 Minutes a DayHow to Monitor Social Media in 10 Minutes a Day
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