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Friday, February 11, 2011

Are Your Systems Out of Date with Current Technology?

I paid a bill using my banks online bill payment. I included in the memo portion of the check my name - reason for payment - account number. Bill needed to arrive 2/1/2011 - it did ... company cashed the check the same day and funds were transferred to the company on 2/1/2011. I verified online that my account had be debited for the check amount on time.

Received a late notice on 2/10/11 that my payment had not been received and that I would be charged a $50 late fee. That was interesting sense they had my money for 10 days.

Called the company on the morning of 2/11/2011 with the check number in hand to prove my case. They looked up my account and said - oh yes we received your payment on 2/1/2011. They added that because I sent via my bank's online bill payment we didnt receive the "payment coupon" , so it took nine days for your bill to clear in our system so it appeared late.
Excuse me? I had my name - reason for payment - account number in the memo section, I said. They said well without the "coupon" (which by the way is really a "statement" - imbeciles) we can't process your payment for several days. Uh couldnt the idiot that took nine days to figure out the lack of coupon issue see that my payment was credited on 2/1/2011?
So without a SPECIFIC PIECE OF PAPER this company can't credit a customers account despite the fact that the customer provided name - reason for payment - account number on the check. Info that is completely sufficient for other companies. But they were able to cash my check and credit my account but not that I paid it on time.
Does any of this makes sense to you folks?
If your business is this dependent on paper - update your processes immediately. Its wastes everyone's time.
FYI - no late fee for me.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Must be a member to become a member?

This borders on the absurd...
I am looking for professional organizations for the event industry to promote
Meeting Planners International has links to membership but when you click JOIN it prompts for the username and password...

So you have to be a member to become a member?

This beyond ridiculous...I wonder what their membership numbers are like???
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