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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Top Six #List #Inventions that Stand the Test of Time #smallbiz #business

Some great inventions and innovations have come and gone and others have made their permanent mark on our society. There are many budding inventors around the world hoping to produce the next big thing. The most successful inventors in our history are those that have patented products that have not been replaced by better innovations. Here is my top five inventions that have stood the test of time:

Zipper - Everyone has something in their closet or home with zipper. Can you imagine no zippers on your running jacket?

Shoe Lace -  You don't always need them but nothing other than velcro and the "slip on" has replaced. Still a useful invention.
Velcro - A genius invention that hasn't needed much improvement - in fact there are more uses for it than ever.
Electric Car - Studebaker's first cars in 1902 were electric cars. The next innovation was the gas powered car. Today electric cars whether hybrid or 100% electric are the sustainable solution to reducing the carbon imprint of driving.

 Hangers - You can deny that the almighty hanger has stood the test of time. Nothing has really replaced hangers on a wide scale. Sure you can by some Velvet Touch Hangers which I must say are quite amazing, however the basic premise is the same - it is a hanger with velvet. The hanger is the invention that keeps on giving.

Clocks - You won't find too many 11 In. Natural Cuckoo Clocks in people's home but you will find at least one mechanical or digital clock in most homes and offices.

Traffic Lights - There are many types but can you imagine roads without them? Probably not that is why they are a staple at most intersections.

Add to this list. Feel free to submit your idea for inventions that have stood the test of time via comments.

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