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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Study to Examine How Microsites Engage Customers

In a press release out today on Businesswire, Keynote Competitive Research announced that is has commenced a study that will run through November 15, 2007 on how well promotional/interactive advertising engages consumers. Many large consumer product companies have launched tangential microsites that provide branded entertainment focused around a single product.

A good example of this is Unilever’s I Can’t Believe It Is Not Butter’s Mediterranean Island Paradise . This is an interactive companion site to the butter substitute’s main website, which promotes the new Mediterranean blend of the product. To drive traffic to the site, Unilever launched a sweepstakes to win a Mediterranean trip. On the island, there are interactive puzzles and a “Fabio fone” which allows users to interact with the product’s long time spokesman, Fabio. Unilever also has a microsite for the spray version of the product called “Sprays in the City.”

The results of the study will be published in early December. Aggregated measurements to be captured include:

  • Number of interactions with each site
  • Number of hovers on the site
  • How long consumers spent exploring the site
  • How satisfied were consumers with their experience
  • Did consumers know how to interact
  • Were consumers frustrated
  • Brand impact and brand perception metrics

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