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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Music Download Work Around - Ultimate Box Sets

For about seven years, the music industry has been trying to figure out how to work around music file sharing and on demand music in general. Many caved in years ago making deals to offer their music on ad hoc basis through services like iTunes and Rhapsody.

But let's face it folks - marketing music has done a 360 degree maneuver. With virtually no one going to a music store (hey remember those?)they must use very innovate marketing tactics to sell more than just a few songs for artists - especially musicians that have been around for a while. So what is amusic executive to do? Well they reinvent the wheel.

Univeral Music Group is releasing what I am calling an ultimate box set for Dutch Pop Star Marco Borsato. This set will include an mp3 player pre-loaded with Marco Borsato collection of music among other offerings. I would say that the music industry is getting creative with their marketing and branding because they have no choice. Music downloading rules and there is nothing they can do, but work around the issue try to make their money the old fashion way. Reuters tells more about the Marco Borsato box set:

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