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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Your Website Might Be Down

Small businesses using Yola and a domain with a separate registrar (like Godaddy) must change A Records  ASAP.

Yola suffered a DOS attack on Tuesday 8/17/20 in the evening. All Yola sites now have a different IP address.

If you do not make this change manual A Record change in via registrar account your website will be down, Read this message posted on the Yola forum:

Because of the Denial of Service attack we have experienced it was necessary to block our old IP address completely and migrate to a new one. This means that you will need to go into your account settings with your registrar and remove the old ip address of and re-point the A Records to

For detailed instructions for a few specific domain registrars please click on this link: Domain Configuration with GoDaddy, & other domain registrars:

Good luck!

I just fixed my A Records for these Yola hosted sites:  (using premium template in Silver Package)  (free template)  (free template)  (free template)

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