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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dried Up Referrals Turn Websites into Brass Ring

Small business owners who never needed to advertise got hit with a brick wall of no referrals when the downturn kicked in. Now those who shunned the web, because they didn't need it, are hoping it churns out an influx of business.

Word Press and Yola make it incredibly fast and easy to have a web presence. Individuals can buy a domain name from  and be up and running and few days.

Ten years ago you hired someone to do your website for you and walked away from it. Today, business owners want a way to update the website themselves so they can add sales, specials and social media bells and whistle.  The internet was built on template websites, then there was a period you had to have a  custom site.  Guess what - templates are new again.

I am hearing from many small business owners who never once advertised and was proud to run their business on recommendations and they now tell me that their business is dying. With many of the website builders that out there, I am findt that some small business owner still can't be bothered with their own . It's there loss.

Wordpress which was born as blog application has taking the website building mecca by storm. No matter for what purpose, WordPress has proven to be one of the most efficient, most diverse, and most accessible platforms. Creating your own website, even using WordPress, is not something that should be taken too lightly. You can learn more by  reading the "Build Your Own WordPress Site Guide." Inside the guide you'll find everything you need to know to get your first, second, or tenth website successfully off the ground, ranging from finding a suitable web host and setting up your blog or website, to using an offline blogging client and even designing a simple website banner! Want to learn from the pros, and make your mark on the internet? Then you're in the right place! It doesn't matter if you're an internet newbie or a nerd on steroids, this guide will get you to where you need to go.

Download the Build Your Own WordPress Site Guide now, and read it on your computer today! With this free guide you will also receive daily updates on new cool websites and programs in your email for free courtesy of MakeUseOf.

I am personally head over heels for Yola. Although Yola is free for up to 5 websites with free hosting and limited file storage you are much better off buying the Silver Package if you plan to launch more than 5 websites. With the silver package you can build 25 websites, plus receive a free custom domain, one free premium template (which are usually way more customizable headers and site backgrounds) and $50 in advertising credits for Yahoo Sponsored Search and Google Adwords. Basically, you get your first year free because of the ad credits! 
Get FREE advertising credits worth $50 with every Yola Silver purchase. Limited offer, sign up now!

I have a couple of websites in Yola today check them out: (using premium template in Silver Package) (free template)

One more thing: There is a downside to web-based website builders with free hosting - all sites are on the same servers so you suffer the consequences when there is server outage. But if your website is not mission critical to your business, then if you lose some up time it won't make that much of a difference.  Check out the service providers to find out what type of security is used on the servers.
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