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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

When TV News Anchors Attack!

CNBC Anchor Joe Kernen had his appendix out last week. Before its removal he went to the doctor who wanted him to have a CT Scan. So not to waste time sitting in the emergency room if it wasnt something acute the doc suggested he go to an imaging lab. It was 7:30 pm and the lab the doc suggested closed at 9PM. Kernen lived nearby so he could make it. His doc called the imaging lab to make sure the doctor on-site could read the scan immediately.

The doctor at the lab said it was too late and Kernen could not go because the doc leaving despite the 9pm closing time. Never did Kernen's doctor indicate for whom the CAT scan was needed, so they weren't playing the celebrity card.

Well today, Kernen fresh off of his surgery was back in his anchor chair and shared this ordeal to the world on CNBC Squawk Box! He didnt give any names but he did say the lab was at Summit Medical Group (a place where 4 of my own doctors work out of) and said the doctor in question shared the name with a famous cartoon ogre. Well Kernen's co-anchor blurted out "Shrek" and well that cat or ogre was out of the bag.

The power of tv and social media can ruin your business. In these days of less is more - you cant afford to get bad publicity. Had Dr. "Shrek" (haha) gone out his way the publicity for his establishment he would have been golden. Kernen may have personally thanked him on-air. But now - his name is mud... or swamp.

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