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Friday, August 20, 2010

You Must Instill Confidence and Trust in Online Customers

SUCCESS WITH ONLINE RETAILING: FOR SMALL BUSINESSESIf you have a website for your small business it serves as your 24/7 ambassador for your business. Just like you need to have a nice, respectable office or storefront for bricks and mortar businesses, the same thing applies for your online presence.

Website security and customer trust/satisfaction should be your number one priority for any online retailing business. An informative white paper titled, "Creating Consumer Confidence: The Secret Ingredient of Internet Success" shares 10 techniques to establish trust and credibility on your web site. Online retailers must make consumers feel more comfortable on their web sites, instilling confidence in order to support sharing personal and financial information and ultimately completing purchases.
I also recommend the complimentary ebook title, "Seven Reasons Customers Do Business, Online and Offline." Read this ebook on your Kindle or iPad from Verisign, a trusted provider of internet
retailing sercurity and identiy authentification technology.  Learn how you can create a trustworthy website for your customers. This Essential Series eBook examines:
  1. Seven reasons customers do business online and offline
  2. How to use that customer's decision-making to build a trustworthy website
  3. How to make a good web site great by adding professionalism and reputation-enhancing visual cues.

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