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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sharon Stone Should Be More Careful of What She Says

Sharon Stone has ostracized an entire nation of people from seeing her movies. Her brash comments about the tragic earthquake in China in May has banned her from the country. Although she may have meant well in her comments alluding to the fact that the Chinese may have been getting their "come up-ins" because of the their treatment of Tibet it certainly didn't come out that way.

Ms. Stone is an experienced actresses,now in her 50's with a good 20 years of Hollywood under her belt. Why she thought such negative comments would be received well by the longtime Communist government of China is beyond me. She should have known that Chinese leadres are unforgiving.

Can she repair the damage? Not likely, with the Chinese. Should she learn from her mistakes? Absolutely!

Even small business leaders should learn from Ms. Stone's improper mincing of words. You have to be carefull what you say to the public. You always have to remember that your personal brand - is indeed yours- and you are the only one to protect it.

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Business leaders should watch what they say to their employees, customers/clients and the media. Always, have your guard up and never get caught with your hands in the cookie jar.

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