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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Unilever Shuns Skinny Models and Actors

Finally, a major company makes a company wide decision against female stereotypes and eating disorders. Unilever has announced that it will no longer use emaciated skinny models and actors in its advertisements. This is a breath of fresh air. Of course, Unilever took a position more than a year ago and launched its "Campaign for Real Beauty" for its Dove product line. This unified decision is very clever.

Let's face it, most of Unilever 's consumers are regular people who may have a few extra pounds, unperfect skin and mediocre hair. It makes sense that their ads represent the people who actually support their products. Yes, I am sure there are few rich Hollywood actors or models who may have a favorite Dove product, but the bulk of Unilever consumers are average people

Companies who make a public statement such as this are doing well at connecting with their customers. By eliminating thin actors and models, Unilever is making a statement without making a statement. This is the best form of brand building and connecting to your customer base.

I can't wait to see more real people promoting products. And this will yield more opportunities for models and actors who don't look like supermodels. If other companies follow suit, average-sized/looking models and actors will find themselves very busy. I like that idea.

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